BrightGo built with Supervisors in Mind

Operations Manager of Cleantech Services Group
I manage 80 buildings for Cleantech Services Group. We are so glad that we have BrightGo now because before, we had constant attendance challenges that were incredibly frustrating. If one of our employees didn’t show up at work, we wouldn't know until either we go at the site or the client complains to us. Now that we have BrightGo, it is very helpful because we know people are at their sites. It is also very easy to use. The clock-in and clock-out is just one click.

Challenges supervisors faces today

Want to know who is at site right now
When you get a call from the property manager that they can’t find your day porter, you want to know what to say on the phone. You want to be notified if someone can’t make it before your client does so you can take action.
You want information on the go
So many tools are built with the office in mind -- you want something that works from an app to show you the most information where you need it.

Why are supervisors chosing BrightGo?

Take comfort knowing that people madeit to work
The fewer urgent calls the better. BrightGo gives you peace of mind of whether your team showed up, and where you need to put your attention before your clients are upset.
An easy, intuitive mobile experience
You want information to be at your finger tips, but you also want it to be intuitive and easy to navigate. BrightGo gives you access to all of that in one place.