BrightGo built with Accounting and HR in Mind

Integrity Maintenance Solutions
With BrightGo, I'm not spending all day trying to help employees with their time sheets anymore. It’s much simpler and a lot easier to use. It's much, much quicker than what we had before. I'm more comfortable knowing that our employees are gonna get paid in a timely manner, and that we don't have all these issues going up until payroll to correct.Regarding support, I can email them and I get a response right away from the team. I like that because I as an Hr person, I need answers right now. When I email them and I get a response right away, that just makes my day, because I know it's getting taken care of, and they're on top of everything.

Challenges accounting and HR face today

Chasing down missing or incorrect punches
Every one to two weeks when you run payroll, you know you have to make dozens and dozens of phone calls to resolve time sheet issues. Someone forgot to punch in, or they took more overtime that was unexpected that you need to better understand.
Getting phone calls from the field that their app isn’t working
You constantly hear from the people in the field that they are getting logged out, or that the app is buggy. When you onboard new people, you have to keep playing phone tag because they can’t figure out how to sign on on their own.

Why are accounting and HR choose BrightGo?

BrightGo automatically reminds and ensures clock-in and clock-out
The BrightGo system is built with an attendance competlion system that will ensure that every shift has a corresponded clock-in and out by reminding the right people at the right time.
Incredibly easy onboarding and usage
Some cleaners are not as tech savvy, so BrightGo was built to be  incredibly easy to start and use. Cleaners can onboard without the help of any assistance through a fast and easy process.