BrightGo built with COO/Director of Ops in Mind

Michael Anastasi
COO of Cleantech Services Group
Before, every day at 5 p.m., I was waiting for more unhappy calls from property managers. Now with BrightGo, I can check before I have dinner, and know that our clients in the evening will all be taken care of. We're not going to get any calls that day that our employee didn’t show up. It's very easy now to see we're doing a good job with all our clients.

Challenges operations leadership face today

Loopholes in attendance systems
Making sure employees show up and are there for at least most of the shift is half the battle. The attendance systems in the market all have significant issues, e.g. they are buggy, have ways to get around them, constantly log people out, etc.
Having a grasp of the quality of your work at scale
When you grow to have hundreds of accounts, it is hard to know where you need to put your effort in and be able to focus on the right buildings to avoid contract terminations.

Why are operations leaders choosing BrightGo?

Attendance system that is rock solid
BrightGo sweat the details and made sure that there weren’t loop holes, and that people are truly there when they say they are. Getting rid of buddy punches, ways to trick the system by turning off the GPS, or even unwinding clocks.
Understand which buildings need your attention right now
You want to know which buildings are in the the green, and which ones are in the red that you need to laser focus on. BrightGo helps you see an incoming termination from miles away and take action now.