BrightGo built with Owners in Mind

Joe Pereira
CEO of Integrity Maintenance Solutions
It’s the ability to have a conversation with BrightGo and walk away knowing that they not only understood the technical aspect of what we do but also they fundamentally understand the concept behind why we do it. They are going to look at it from the technical perspective and the overall picture, which, as the CEO of the organization, is incredibly comforting to me. I don't have to feel as though I'm chasing information to understand where we're at and why we're doing certain things.

Challenges owners face today

10 pieces of software that don’t talk to each other
They don’t want an individual app for every single thing. They want one thing for that can handle everything at once so that they can get one picture of everything
Paying for software nobody use because it’s unintuitive
One of the biggest peeves owners have is paying for 10 features, but their employees only ues one or two of them because on paper they sounded good, but in practice they were all incredibly clunky and hard to use.

Why owners choose BrightGo?

BrightGo’s Approach of All in One
BrightGo’s vision is to run your entire company in one platform. We don’t believe in the vision of having “a separate app for everything” and owners see that.
Software that is incredibly easy to use
When BrightGo designed their clock-in, it was designed to require one button press. Building a product that is powerful and simple is incredible hard, but only BrightGo has world class design, product and engineering talent to do it.