BrightGo built with Sales Leadership in Mind

Riley McNamara
Director of Sales Cleantech Services Group
Because of BrightGo, we have grasped more control over the work that we're doing. We have the insight that we never had before, and it feels like we’re in control. They are giving us a huge advantage when it comes to our sales efforts. It’s already making us a lot more competitive. It's a pleasure working with BrightGo because of the expertise and the knowledge that they bring to the table.

Challenges operations leadership face today

Property managers constantly want more data and sophistication
Property managers today have way more information than before. They can check security cameras, badge-in/out information. They want to know you are modern in managing your team.
Losing on price, and questioning what is optimal
You want to make sure you are not under or overbidding on your contracts. You know how price sensitive the property managers are, but your costs are also rising.

Why are sales leadership choosing BrightGo?

You want to be the highest quality commercial cleaning company
BrightGo’s vision is to run your entire company in one platform. We don’t believe in the vision of having “a separate app for everything” and owners see that.
You want to know your job costs, and how that affects pricing
If you realize you are actually able to clean buildings with 20% less labor than you thought, that makes the difference on whether or not you win or lose your deal, or how you act during a re-bid.